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Warp and Weft

22 Jun

23 Jun

Warp and Weft


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Inhale the full range of human emotion through this modernized version of an ancient tale that re-visions and re-empowers female mythology—By a Thread is The Odyssey for our times. By a Thread shines a light on Penelope, known originally for her fidelity, living in the shadow of her husband, Odysseus.  This ballet reimagines her as a military wife who takes the reins to become a leader.

London-based choreographer Marika Brussel is known for reshaping narratives to make ballet more resonant and relevant to audiences today.

Set in the competitive world of corporate law, Iago v. Othello examines Shakespeare's classic drama as told through a predetermined rat race for money, prestige, and power. When loyalties are betrayed in a system rigged against the outsider, Iago sets fire to her world as she brings those around her to their knees. Iago v. Othello is a ballet about the all encompassing seduction of revenge and survival of the fittest.

Aaron Thao is a Hmong American choreographer based in New York City and the Artistic Director of Hudson Ballet Theatre.

Instagram: @warpandweftballet

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