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The Unlikely Secret Agent

28 Aug

1 Sep

The Unlikely Secret Agent


To be announced

Erika Breytenbach-Marais

De Klerk Oelofse

Wessel Pretorius

Sanda Shandu

Ntlanhla Kutu


Creatives & production team


Unlikely Productions


Paul du Toit


Paul du Toit

Set and wardrobe coordinators

Salene Bekker

Paul du Toit

Lighting designer

Lize-Marie Wait

Sound scape and designer

Jahn Beukes

AV Designer

Paul du Toit, Salene Bekker

“Powerful performances…a gripping piece of theatre” – Cape Robyn

“Full of courage and heart.” – Broadway World

“In equal measures chilling and heart-warming…” – Broadway World

“Packed with adrenaline and excitement and danger.” – Daily Maverick

“…This is what the country needs to be reminded of…” – Scene It

It’s 1963, South Africa. The country is on a knife edge. Political protest, sabotage and violence engulfs the country. The Apartheid government, under Hendrik Verwoerd, brutally suppresses resistance. Under the State of Emergency, the feared Special Branch of the police arrest anyone suspected of being involved in underground activities.

Eleanor, an unassuming, young single mother is arrested at Griggs Bookstore where she works in Durban and taken for questioning. The police are on the hunt for her lover, the notorious “terrorist”, Red Ronnie Kasrils. She finds herself detained under the 90-day detention act and brutally interrogated. They will “break her or hang her”.

Ronnie is wanted for his involvement in a string of sabotage bombings of electricity pylons, the Durban post office and the offices of the Special Branch. There is no point in her resisting, the police “know everything”.

But do they really? Eleanor is keeping a secret. She is a clandestine agent for the Underground ANC. But she must protect her comrades and Ronnie. She makes the daring decision to fake a nervous breakdown in order to be transferred to a psychiatric institution. From there, she begins to plot her escape

Running time: 110 min (including interval of 20 min

Age restriction: Age recommandation 14+

Content Warning:  strong language, racial prejudice and gender-based violence, use of haze machine / smoking of non-nicotinetobacco

Access seats are available to book online.

Wheelchair Accessible Spaces

For each performance there is one wheelchair accessible space located in K5 with the companion seat K4.Please note that this is not on an aisle, if you wish to transfer it would be best to book one of the access and companion tickets. You can book here.

Access and Companion Tickets

There are pre assigned access and companion seats located on the aisles on each side of the auditorium. These offer completely level access from the street. There is a gentle slope to the auditorium but no steps. You can book here.