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Nerina Pallot - I Digress

2 Dec


Nerina Pallot - I Digress


To be announced

spoken word

Creatives & production team

Nerina Pallot's career as an acclaimed singer-songwriter has always been filled with stories, songs, and sharp wit. Despite early career advice to maintain an enigmatic stage presence, Pallot embraced her natural inclination to engage and entertain her audience with candid anecdotes and humorous observations. Her manager may have fired her for it, but Pallot's fans have only grown more loyal.

Two decades after her Ivor Novello and Brit nomination, Pallot brings her unique blend of monologue to her first one-woman show,I Digress. This isn't a typical stand-up routine, and it definitely isn't a concert. Instead, Pallot crafts an engaging experience that defies easy categorization, blending the intimacy of a solo performance with the charm of a raconteur.

I Digress promises a night of laughter, reflection, and perhaps a song or two. Pallot's charismatic presence and sharp insights will keep you thoroughly entertained. Join her as she explores the space between comedy and concert, creating a fresh, unnamed genre you'll be talking about long after the show ends.

Running time: 110 minutes

Are recommendation: 16+ at the discretion of a parent or a guardian