The Art of Acting: The Chechov Technique With Sarah Kane

The sessions will be exploring how to use Chekhov's tools to gain creative insights into scene and character, each workshop approaching the material from a different perspective.

Applying Chekhov's Tools I: Text and Atmosphere Saturday May 20, 10am – 4pm

Applying Chekhov's Tools II: Text and Gesture Sunday June 25, 10 – 4pm

Applying Chekhov's Tools III: Text and Character Saturday July 22, 10 – 4pm

Sarah Kane studied Steiner’s approach to speaking, then Chekhov’s approach to acting with many of his original students in the 1980s. She now integrates them in her teaching, directing and performing, which happens all over the world.

Currently, Sarah is senior lecturer for voice and speech at Staffordshire University.

Price: £45/£35 conc. per workshop.  

Date: Saturday May 20, 10am – 4pm/ Sunday June 25, 10 – 4pm/ Saturday July 22, 10 – 4pm

Location: Rudolf Steiner house, 35 Park Road, NW1 6XT, London