The Art of Acting: The Chekhov technique: an introduction over four Saturdays  – Sarah Kane  

The four Saturdays introduce participants to Chekhov's approach and will deepen any understanding or experience already acquired of the creative, artistic techniques developed over decades by the celebrated Russian actor. Their aim is to inspire and empower actors for their future work.

Saturday 28 January, 10am – 5pm

What are Psychological Gestures I?

Psychological gestures lie at the heart of Michael Chekhov's acting technique: they give an actor immediate access to the essential core of the character, and to his or her overall objective, enabling speedy transformation. Starting from the basic techniques for developing gesture, the session will lead to work on a monologue: please bring one with you of your own choosing that you would like to explore! 

Saturday 25 February 10am – 5pm

What Are Psychological Gestures II?

Initially returning to the basics, the second workshop on Psychological Gesture will continue to explore the gesture of a character and refine it so that it holds as much of the character as possible, including its individual colouring or feeling. We will use the psychological richness of the gesture to explore the monologue in greater depth and to improvise with both the gesture and the character. 

Saturday 25 March 10am – 5pm

Developing Character I

Chekhov was a playful, creative actor-artist, and his own creations were full of both strength and subtlety. He developed two imaginary tools with which to practise creating characters with the same degree of playfulness, both for tragedy, comedy and farce, and we will be exploring one of them. This is a workshop for anyone wanting to develop or strengthen their own sense of play and lightness in their creative work.

Saturday 22 April, 10am – 5pm

Developing Character II

The first workshop will offer you the opportunity to get to know one of Chekhov's tools and to engage the imagination in the creative process; this one will explore the other. The imagination will be at the heart of this workshop, and we will discover how it can encourage our creative selves to become bolder and more colourful without losing our sense of truth. You are warmly invited to join this workshop and develop a myriad of characters!

Price: £45/£35 conc. per workshop.  Three workshops £150/£115

Location: Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

Sarah Kane studied Steiner’s approach to speaking, then Chekhov’s approach to acting with many of his original students in the 1980s. She now integrates them in her teaching, directing and performing, which happens all over the world. Currently, Sarah is senior lecturer for voice and speech at Staffordshire University.