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The Government Inspector

3 May

15 Jun

The Government Inspector


To be announced

Kiell Smith-Bynoe

Percy Fopdoodle

Dan Skinner

Governor Swashprattle

Peter Clements

Ivan Brabble

Chaya Gupta

Miss Swashprattle

David Hartley

Reverend Jargogle

Nigel Hastings

Dr Mumpsimus

Christopher Hunter

Postmaster Cumberworld

Daniel Millar


Anna Savva

Judge Woofit

Dan Starkey

Ivan Grubble

Alison Ward




Nikolai Gogol


Patrick Myles


Melanie Jane Brookes

Set and Costume Designer

Ric Mountjoy

Lighting Designer

Jamie Lu

Sound Designer

Matilda James

Casting Consultant

Kate Tydman

Movement Director

John Sandeman

Fight Director

Henry Eaton-Mercer

Associate Director

Alexander "Sandy" Marshall,  Bird & Carrot,  David Luff and Wild Yak present

A comedy about hypocrites, hysterics and hustlers.

Starring Kiell Smith-Bynoe (BBC’s Ghosts, Taskmaster), Dan Skinner (Shooting Stars’ Angelous Epithemiou) and Dan Starkey (Doctor Who), Nikolai Gogol’s satirical masterpiece is reimagined at the award-winning Marylebone Theatre this Spring.

An over-privileged, vainglorious liar is mistaken for a high-ranking government inspector by the corrupt local officials of an English parochial town. Desperate to cover up their crimes and escape censure, the town’s Governor and his cronies pull out all the stops to try and bribe this dishonest buffoon with money, wine and women.  ‍

A hilarious new adaptation of this classic comedy about how corrupt power destroys itself, exposing the tragi-comic consequences of collective delusion and the swindlers who would exploit it.

Access seats are available to book online.

Wheelchair Accessible Spaces

For each performance there is one wheelchair accessible space located in K5 with the companion seat K4.Please note that this is not on an aisle, if you wish to transfer it would be best to book one of the access and companion tickets. You can book here.

Access and Companion Tickets

There are pre assigned access and companion seats located on the aisles on each side of the auditorium. These offer completely level access from the street. There is a gentle slope to the auditorium but no steps. You can book here.

Running Time: 2 hours (including interval)

Age recommendation: 12+

Content warning: Brief appearance of blood, comic violence

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