Prints for Sonic Eclipses of the Singer’s Face

1 Mar


30 Mar

Prints for Sonic Eclipses of the Singer’s Face


To be announced

Visual Art


A body of new screen-prints accompanying Steinwerk, Borodale’s week-long installation and continuous performance with Steve Boyland in the Marylebone Theatre. These prints are drawn from a stock of vocal scores and lyrigraphs (from the Greek lyric, concerning the lyre, and writing, graphos) as trace texts surviving situated acts of writing on location. Their aesthetics were developed from blackboards as part of the lecture performances ofJ oseph Beuys (inspired by Steiner’s own lecture blackboards), and also the interim state of the photographic negative, storing the exposure record of an image for the future. The idea of the lyrigraph stands behind much of Borodale’s poetry and his on-going collaborative work with Boyland is an exploration of how the lyrigraph can be re-performed.