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Jarman: The Story of Derek Jarman

19 Feb


Jarman: The Story of Derek Jarman


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A mighty spirit is about to reawaken. Yours.

Derek Jarman: film-maker, painter, gardener at Prospect Cottage, gay rights activist, writer…his influence remains as strong as it was on the day AIDS killed him in 1994. But his story, one of the most extraordinary lives ever lived, has never been told. Until now.

This vibrant solo play from Mark Farrelly (Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope, Howerd’s End)brings Derek back into being for a passionate, daring reminder of the courage it takes to truly live while you’re alive. A journey fromDungeness to deepest, brightest Soho and into the heart of one of our most iconoclastic artists.

Jarman’s works include taboo-breaking films like Sebastiane, Jubilee and Caravaggio, pop videos for the Pet Shop Boys (It’s A Sin and Rent), his extraordinary borderless garden in Dungeness, his shocking last paintings, and his unforgettable final film Blue, consisting of a single continuous frame of blue and chronicling what it’s like to lose your sight…but never your artistic vision.

Running time: 80 mins no interval


★★★★★ "Thisplay will reawaken your love for the man. Highly recommended"Queer Guru

★★★★★ “Jarmanadmonishes us to ‘be astonishing’. And that’s exactly what MarkFarrelly is. Fabulous, thought-provoking stuff” Bumon a Seat

★★★★ "Amesmerising performance that moves, amuses and shocks in equalmeasure. A stunning piece of theatre and stage craft that willenthral all that see it” Theatre-News.com

★★★★ “Farrellyis a remarkable actor. He brings an extraordinary, glittering edgeand sense of danger to everything he does” SardinesMagazine

★★★★ “Theamount of emotional energy Farrelly sustains in taking us through allthe different phases of Jarman’s life is remarkable”The Reviews Hub

★★★★ “Anastonishing and heartfelt portrayal… Exceptional"London Living Large

★★★★ "Anenthralling performance” Reviews Gate